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A Note from the Fly By Night Team:

Do you live in the Omaha / Council Bluffs area and think that you
might have a haunting? Many people are nervous about
contacting 'ghost hunters' for the first time, and we understand
that it can be an uncomfortable situation. Most of our team has
had unexplained experiences of our own, so we have stood
where you are now.  FBN Paranormal Investigations will not
charge for our services and in the interests of privacy, our clients
have final approval over anything posted on this site or made
available to the public. If you have any questions, just drop us an

FBN & Audio Nation Radio are teaming up on May 28th to
investigate the reports from the  Infamous J.B. Moore House in
Villisca Iowa - the site of 8 horrific unsolved murders over 100
years ago! Watch our Facebook page for live updates, photos
and video from the location known to most as the "Villisca Axe
Murder House".

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Ghost Writings!

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