Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial - Council Bluffs'
The Squirrel Cage Jail


Squirrel Cage Jail (Council Bluffs, IA)

Date: December 19, 2009

Investigators Present: Kevin, Stephen & Nate

Equipment: Olympus Digital Camera, Sony (Nightshot Capable) Digital Handycam, Sony (Nightshot
Capable) Hi-8 Video Recorder, RCA Digital Audio Recorder, Sony Digital Audio Recorder, Olympus
Digital Audio Recorder, MEL Meter (EMF/Ambient thermometer), K-2 EMF Meter, Flashlights

Reports: Unexplained noises, Shadows and Apparitions have been reported – it is believed by some that
the jail is haunted by past superintendents. Teams have previously investigated the Squirrel Cage –
some reporting little activity or evidence, others concluding that the facility is profoundly haunted.

Investigation Results & Findings:

Sightings: None Reported

Heard: There were occasions that unexplained bangs were heard from empty parts of the jail – it is
reasonable that these sounds are natural to the structure and not paranormal.

Video Evidence: None

Photographic Evidence: None:

Audio Evidence: The nature of the structure (A 3 story steel drum surrounded by brick) created incredible
amounts of ambient noise making audio review a difficult and drawn out process. After checking and
double-checking the evidence we only found two pieces of note:

Captured in the ‘Family Care’ area of the jail where an apparition of a young child has been reported, this
recording sounds eerily like a child saying “Daddy…noooo” Review of audio recorded elsewhere in the
jail at the same time shows that this voice was actually a steel door being opened one floor below.

This was captured in the 4th floor apartment area of the jail where the superintendents and their families
stayed while in charge of the jail. At one point in the evening all of the investigators were ‘introduced’ to
whatever may be present in the area – what sounds like the name of one of the investigators is recorded
here some time later while our team was on the first floor of the jail and the Historical Society
representative was outside of the building.

Other points of interest: At one point while the investigation team was on the 4th floor of the jail, the K-II
meter began to light up, seemingly in response to questions, while we view this device with MUCH
skepticism, it is interesting to note that the K-II was left in the room for 45 minutes with a video camera
covering it and in that time failed to do more than flicker the second LED – but during the times (before
and after) that investigators were present in that room asking questions the meter reached the 5th LED
more than a dozen times. The meter showed no other anomalous readings at any other location in the

Conclusion: While no firsthand experiences were reported, the evidence review showed some
interesting anomalous results.

FINAL VERDICT: Inconclusive – Return Investigation warranted.

Special Thanks to the Pottawattamie County Historical Society for making this
location available for our investigation –for more information on the Old
Pottawattamie County jail, please visit their website:

The Historic Squirrel Cage Jail
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